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The Proven Method to having more customers, clients, or patients! 

Even if you've never run social media advertising before.

Manuel Suarez, the $100 million marketer, pulls back the curtain to give you the inside track on marketing strategies that really work in today’s social media world.

From the desk of Manuel Suarez, CEO AGM Marketing:
Dear business owner,
The social media marketing landscape changes fast. But, there’s one constant you can rely on. People. For generations, people have needed things. And for those same generations, there have been others helping to provide for those needs. Now it’s our time to continue this time-tested tradition. And we have the good fortune to play with the double-edged sword of social media.
With social media, it's easier than ever before to get noticed by our ideal audiences. But, that same ease is why I call it a double-edged sword. Because it’s so easy to get seen by thousands of people each day, almost anyone can do it. This means our ideal audiences are getting bombarded with advertisements from other businesses. Often with, what you and I would call, subpar products and services. But, here’s an unfortunate truth. It’s not the “best” businesses that get the sales. It’s the “best-known”. Super frustrating, right?
Thankfully, there is a simple solution. The AGM Ninja Lab.
The AGM Ninja Lab is a one-year marketing development program. Its goal is to make you the marketing master for your own business. This means, with our guidance, you can transform your business. You can shift your business from its current state into the business of your dreams! 

Our Goal is to Make You a Marketing Master!


  • Brand Audit to Determine Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • 30-min Strategy Session with Coach Jorge
  • 30-min Strategy Session with Manuel Suarez
  • ​Written Marketing Strategy
  • ​​1-Hour Weekly Coaching Call with Your Own Personal Marketing Ninja
  • 5 Hours of Ninja Marketing Coaching Every Month
  • ​3 New Marketing Campaign Assets Every Month
  • ​Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions with Manuel and Coach Jorge (1 hour)
  • ​Instant Access to All Ninja Lab Training Courses
  • ​Exclusive Access to a Private Chat and Facebook Group
What is success? 

It’s accomplishing something that you want, right?

The only way to accomplish what you want is to have the proper strategy. 

A strategy acts as your roadmap to get you from where you are now in your business to where you want to be.

And as part of this program, you receive a customized strategy from Manuel and his top team of marketers.

Get Access to the same Attention-Grabbing Strategies Used at an Inc 5000 Marketing Agency

In the last 4 years, AGM Marketing, run by Manuel Suarez and Coach Jorge, has won numerous awards for their excellent work from industry-leading companies like Clickfunnels, ManyChat, and Zipify.

The agency team has generated over 2 billion views, 13 million followers, 6 million leads, and over $400 million in revenue for their clients and themselves. 

They’ve taken all their experience and put it into a system that can work wonders for any business.

Whether you’re looking for e-commerce growth, lead generation, or more foot traffic into a brick and mortar, Manuel and Coach Jorge have you covered. 



The AGM Ninja Lab is powered by the real life methods and results of AGM Marketing. Each month AGM spends hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid advertising for its clients. This means you will always be getting the most relevant and up to date info on social media marketing and business building.

We’ve been honored to work with people such as Dr. Eric Berg – The Knowledge Doc, Nancy Cartwright – The voice of Bart Simpson, Frank Suarez – Founder of Natural Slim, Grant Cardone, The People’s Shark Daymond John & 27 time Grammy award-winning musician Chick Corea.

Our goal is simply to share with you the best results from our marketing efforts. None of the information should be accepted as or is meant to be a guarantee of any results or earnings. We are merely sharing what has worked best for AGM and its clients. There are no guarantees for business due to the variables involved with operating a business. These variables are including but not limited to: changes in platform algorithms or guidelines, changes in laws, markets’ desire to buy, your ability to put in enough effort to attain desired results, confusing or ill-defined messaging, lack of effective sales process and follow up, etc.
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